My Plans

2008-05-19 14:31:42 by 3V1L-G3N1U5

In this moment I am working on some flashs and some pictures.

I am joined the 3. 50 Frames collab (Head: aquaticmole) and I submited three parts - I inform you when it's submited.

After I finished the two parts I was made aware of a BBS Post by bladeslinger, who asks if sombody could animate a serie for him. So I took over the job. Currently we are working on the trailer of THE CHRONICLES OF BLADESLINGER- he organizes the voice act and I animate everyhing. I hope that I get the voice act soon -then I can continue my work.

In submit 1 flash for The Sketch Collab 08 (Head: dumassstudios)

I am working on a W40K - flash ...
wher I tell you about the story from my Orden ( don't know the english word)

...and on a RPG - where you can play a mage, a knight, a burger, a pirat, a gizmo (self krated Crature .. the Name will be changed!) and a PENGUIN!

And I draw a few sketches - When these are done, I add them in My Sketchbook (and in the 15 Minute Sketches BBS Thread or in the Warhammer 40K art gallery , if the image fits on the topic)

This is all for now ... I think ... or not? ...Maybe .... but .... no .... or?. ... XD

My Plans


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