Entry #49

Back Again!

2010-02-26 17:53:01 by 3V1L-G3N1U5

Ok ... I'am back and....
What happens:
I lost my job at McD. (For no reason)
I bought a 3000 Points Nurgle Army.
I am working on a W-40K Movie.

and that's all^^

Happy to be here again^^


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2010-02-26 18:59:42

in my opinion I think you're better off NOT working for McD, but tahts only because I hate the place :P

welcome back :D

3V1L-G3N1U5 responds:

Yes but it was needed and good money^^

thx :)


2010-02-28 23:47:23

you are very welcome


2011-02-01 16:39:04